The United Community Center's Youth Football League

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At the United Community Center, we are committed to serving the youth of our community in a variety of ways. One of the most popular ways that we are able to accomplish this goal is through our youth football league, known as Manatee Mustangs Football.

For at risk boys and girls ages 3-18, the United Community Center hosts lifechanging youth football programs, in which at risk young people are able to join Manatee Mustangs Football teams composed of other local kids their age. These teams practice, play, and compete throughout the year, and the consistency of this football program offers children the opportunities to develop friendships with other children their age in a healthy, well supervised environment.

Moreover, as a result of participating on the UCC’s Manatee Mustangs youth football leagues, players also develop valuable teamwork and life skills. Together, each player strives toward a common goal of victory. In the end, they are able to gain a respect for not only their fellow teammates, but also for their leaders: coaches.

These highly vetted, expert football coaches serve as mentors and leaders in the community. In terms of the experience for players in our football program, these coaches are available to players whenever they may need them. They are there not only to provide premier coaching to football players, but also to be there for the youth of their community. And of course, the coaches teach young athletes how to channel their energy into a positive, healthy outlet: football.

Whether these young athletes win or lose games, Manatee Mustangs youth sports team members grow as individuals. Team members can develop their own sense of understanding about themselves, about others, and about life. It’s a chance for them to exercise, use their mind, and work together with other young members of the community.

Manatee Mustangs Football offers children the opportunity to have good, healthy, wholesome fun that will also be enriching and beneficial to them in the long run, so sign up your kids today.

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