Active Kids LOVE Our Manatee Mustangs Sports Academy

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Football, Cheer, Basketball, Baseball and Track

Football, Cheer, Basketball, Baseball and Track

The Manatee Mustangs Sports Academy is committed to providing athletes of all ages with quality instruction designed to keep kids moving and assist them in reaching their maximum potential.

Some of the ways we do this here at UCC is by participating in an active network of leagues and sports. We are proud members of many different leagues: the USSSA (Basketball and Track), the AAU (Basketball and Track), the YBOA (Basketball), the USATF (Track) and the Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth League (Baseball).

This positive program serves as a community inclusive, recreational outlet. For some young children, these sports are the only form of exercise or chance to be physically active they may experience in their daily lives, which is essential for children’s motor skills. For many other children this program is a chance to be encouraged, to build self-esteem and discipline. This program also provides children with strong role models in the form of coaches and mentors, who can help them grow as members of their community.

Coaches in the Manatee Mustangs Sports Academy serve as mentors and leaders to the children. These coaches are available to players whenever they may need them. They are there not only to provide premier coaching to young athletes, but also to be there for the youth of their community. And of course, the coaches teach young athletes how to channel their energy into a positive, healthy outlet: sports.

Most importantly, the Manatee Mustangs Sports Academy also gives active kids the opportunity to participate in and benefit from all the other activities offered daily at the 13th AV Dream Center. These programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Before and After School programs
  • Summer Camps
  • Tutoring
  • Literacy and Technology Training
  • Youth Substance Abuse Prevention
  • Crime Prevention
  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention
  • Career Development
  • Mentoring

More than 1500 boys and girls ages 3-18 participate in our program, so please join us in our mission of Building Dreams and Changing Lives.

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